Besses may have been a string Band in the late 1700’s

Besses are recorded as Cleggs Reed Band in 1818 during reign of George 3rd

First recorded Contest wins

1821 – George 4th Coronation playing God Save the King

1837 – Queen Victoria Coronation playing Hail Smiling Morn

1853 – Became a Brass band

  • 1892 – Holders of all three British Open Cups
  • 1892 – British Open 1
  • 1894 – British Open 2
  • 1903 – British National Champions
  • 1920 – British Open 3
  • 1931 – British Open 4
  • 1937 – British Open 5
  • 1959 – British Open 6
  • 1982 – British Open 7
  • 1906 – First World Tour
  • 1909 – 2nd World Tour
  • 1912 – Canadian Tour
  • 1943 – Formed Besses Boys

The band has a rich and illustrious history, having been the British Open Champions on seven different occasions.

The band also completed two World Tours in the early 20th Century, incredible by today’s standards, extraordinary at the time!

In 2018 Besses will celebrate 200 years of existence, with many events and concerts planned in the years leading up to this historic milestone

The band rehearses on Tues & Thurs nights in our historic bandroom in Whitefield, near Manchester, from 8-10pm.

Please visit our website, <> , for further information on the band, current vacancies, or to read our wonderful history section.

Besses Recordings

  1. 1.LP’s
    1. Variety In Brass
    2. Your Favourite Hymns
    3. Alex Owen 60th Anniversary
    4. Music from Vale Royal
    5. Well done Lads
    6. Pride of the North
    7. Besses in Australia
    8. Viva Vivaldi
    9. Showcase for Brass
    10. Heritage of the March - Volume LLL
    11. Heritage of the March – Volume IIII
    12. 20th Century Soloists
    13. Hymns and Things


2. 78’s

    1. Nearer My God to Thee / Fierce Raged The Tempest
    2. Jerusalem the Golden / Jesus Christ Has Risen Today
    3. Rock of Ages / Sovereignty
    4. The Church’s One Foundation / Lead Kindly Light
    5. Deep Harmony / Lascelles
    6. Bradford / Rimmington
    7. I passed By Your Window / Besses o’ the Barn Duet
    8. The Victors Return / Land of the Kangaroo
    9. Barcarolle from Tales of Hoffmann / Pilgrims Chorus from Tanhouser
    10. Distant Greeting / After Sunset (Intermezzo)
    11. Dot and Carrie Polka / Hailstorm
    12. Edwinstone / Harvey House
    13. With Sword and lance
    14. The Conqueror
    15. Solferino3.Digital

  1. Digital
    1. Capriccio Brilliant                             Frank Bryce           1973
    2. b.         Hymns and Things                           Roy Newsome        1982

      c.         Concertos for Brass                       Roy Newsome         1982

      d.         Heritage of the March V3                       Roy Newsome 1983

      e.         Showcase for Brass                       Roy Newsome        1983

      f.          British Bandsman                           Roy Newsome        1987       (Brilliante and Moto Perpetuo with Robert and Nicholas Childs on Euphoniums)

  2. 4.Brass Band
  3. 5.Other  
    1. There are many tapes of Besses radio and TV performances from the 1960’s/70’s
    2. There is a DVD somewhere of the BBC Listen to the Band performance that includes the Horra Stacatto rendition by Brian Mather
    3. Edward Gregson has a VHS recording of the BBC Andre Previn Documentary featuring Besses back in the 1970’s





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