Please take the time to read this article - you could help us!

Besses needs support in many different areas to ensure that it can continue making music in the community and on the concert platform, as it has done for nearly 200 years now.

We, the players and people running Besses right now, realise that we are just looking after Besses for a short time. It has existed for many, many years before we came along, and will continue to do so after we leave.

The band isn't about us as individuals or our personal glory. It is about keeping this historic and prestigious name active and successful, so that when it is passed onto the next generation, they can be proud to say they were part of Besses o' th' Barn Band.

We have an awesome responsibility to the generations the come to allow only one thing: the revival and rejuvination of Besses o' th' Barn Band.

You could help us - please read further and see what you can do

The first thing that we would ask you to consider is:

  • could you play for Besses o' th' Barn Band?

We have vacancies in a few sections now, and the current players would dearly love to have some more people join the band and help us get Besses back to where it should be. Recent additions to the band and people who have recently helped us out at concerts seem to be using the words "friendly", "nice" and "welcoming" when describing us these days. Please don't let any old judgements or rumours you've heard misguide you. Come see us now and find out for yourself. If you did join, clearly it will be hard work, as it would be in any band, but we are keen to find people who are willing to work to help get Besses back on top.

The second thing we would ask you to consider would be:

  • could you donate some time to help the running of the band?

Running a band takes a lot of energy and time, and often the people playing in the band take on the organisational responsibilities as well. There are some organisational things which we would be really grateful if anyone out there with the desire, the know how and the will could help us with. Please get in touch.This might be as simple as volunteering to be "on the door" for our concerts, to handle ticket sales/programme sales, administer the raffle etc. Or it might be taking a stock check of the band property. Or it might be helping out on concert days, taking charge of what equipment we need to take, making sure the spare music pads are in the box, making mutes, stands, etc come along. Or it might be... (you get the idea!)

The third thing we would ask you to consider is:

  • could you help Besses financially?

As well as taking time to organise, obviously there are financial implications for running a band. Perhaps you're a small business (or a big business) interested in fostering links with an established community group, and would be interested in sponsoring the band, or an element of the band's organisation. We would welcome any donation, small or large, either as a one off or as a regular donation.Look at the Support Us section.

Thank you - please get in touch if you can help

Besses o' th' Barn Band, I'm sure you will agree, is an important name in the history of banding in this country, and everyone who can help needs to, to fight to make sure Besses gets back on form.

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