On Saturday night, Besses o' th' Barn played at Padiham Unitarian Church.

From the band's point of view, it was truly wonderful to have a full church to play to, and to be so warmly received by everyone.

The audience survived MD James Holt's relentless announcements that he had "come prepared" (encouraging the audience to purchase Besses merchandise) and were repsonsive in all the right ways.

The programme covered staples of the brass band repertoire, alongside some jazz and some funk, and some superb solos.

A heartfelt tribute was played for Dr Roy Newsome, who sadly passed away a few weeks ago, in playing one of his own arrangements.

Massive thanks go to everyone that made it possible for the concert to happen, to the audience and to the few deps who sat in for the band.

Padiham - you were great! We hope to be back there very soon!

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