Somebody, naming no names, has decided the band should now face the other way in the bandroom.

Is this the right path for Besses o' th' Barn, with its vast and great history, to take?

Perhaps the greatest impact of this change is this: the basses (perhaps the hardest working section of the band) now have to walk approximately 20 more feet to get to their seats, holding, remember, their instruments.

The band is split on this decision. Some agree that the basses, as hard working as they are, should be allowed the small privelege of seats nearest the stairs. Others feel that (somehow!) there is more space for the band facing, as we now do, the infamous Boar's Head on our wall.

Should we carry on with this new situation? Let us know via the "Contact Us" page. Maybe we'll even make a poll about it, to really guage public opinion.

Watch this space for the latest updates!

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