Allison, Nat

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Additional Info

  • First Name: Nat
  • Last Name: Allison
  • First Year at Besses: 1959
  • Instrument/Position: Euphonium
  • Notes and Research: * Source from Steve Bentley

    Just been looking at the recent e-mails regarding Besses win at Belle Vue 1959, I would like to add the names of the players who played that day:

    Soprano Pat Edgar

    Front row Cornets,Ken Sanderson/Jim Cowburn/Brian Whiteside/Brian Mather/Roy Ramsbottom.

    Repiano,R.Fletcher,Flugel,Tim Galloway.

    Second Cornets,Graham Hardman/Eric Willen,Third Cornets,Jimmy Gluyas/Tervor Holden.

    Horns, Frank Rigby/Freddie Howarth/Peter Isherwood.

    Euphs,Frank Johnson/Nat Allison.Baritones,Harold Dickinson/John Knowles.

    Tenor Trombones,Frank Crofts/Donald Otter, Bass Trom, Neville Taylor.

    Eflat Bass,Will Hooton,BBfat Bass, Ken Lockley/Steve Bentley.

    I hpoe that this info helps to fill in a few gaps.

    * Source from Trevor Holden

    Will try and give you as much info as I can, aged now 71 and memory fading fast.

    Conductor at the time was Mr W Wood (Willie),

    solo cornet Ken Sanderson,

    other front row Brian Mather (Raz), Brian Whiteside

    Sop Pat Edgar,

    Flugel Tim Galloway,

    2nd ??

    3rd Jimmy Gluiss, Trevor Holden

    Solo Horn Frank Rigby (Rigger),

    2nd Horn Fred? (Freddie Chips).

    Euph Frank Johnson,

    2nd Nat

    Baritone Harold.

    Troms Frank Croft,

    Bass Trom Neville Taylor

    BBflat Steve Bentley.

    In 1958 the band came runners up to Carlton Main on Sunset Rhapsody DRAWN 13

    The test piece 1n 1959 was Undaunted by Eric Ball drawn 13 AGAIN and won the princely sum of £150 plus parcel of music value £7 7s.

    Drawn 13 seemed to be a good no same as when they last won in 1937 Academic Festival Overture conductor Willie Wood?.

    I have programmes from all concerts we did in 1960 as British Open Champs.

    Hope this has been of some use will try and send a couple more pics

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