Ahmed, Tariq

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Additional Info

  • First Name: Tariq
  • Last Name: Ahmed
  • First Year at Besses: 2000
  • Instrument/Position: Tenor Horn
  • Notes and Research: * Source Email from Marianne Garbutt

    Richard Milton - trombone,

    Ian Dyson- horn,

    Helen Hudson - euphonium,

    Tariq Ahmed - horn,

    Gary Woodward - baritone,

    Elaine Doran - cornet,

    Donna Smith - horn,

    Jannine Aston - cornet,

    Dave Aston - horn,

    Tom Emery - euphonium,

    Lizzie Stallybrass - euphonium,

    Dan Hunt - euphonium,

    Lizzie Logie - flugel,

    Merete Vollan Drevsjomoen - cornet,

    Alex Thomas - cornet,

    Erik Drevsjomoen - BBb bass,

    Emma Clark - BBb bass,

    Elaine Ledgard - cornet,

    Paul Coupe - trombone,

    Billy Porter - trombone,

    Kevin Wilson - bass trombone.

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