Bailey, Daisy

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Additional Info

  • First Name: Daisy
  • Last Name: Bailey
  • First Year at Besses: 2007
  • Instrument/Position: Euphonium / Band Secretary
  • Notes and Research: • Besses Secretary since 2008
    • Married to Matt Bailey
    • Matt and Daisy saved Besses from extinction when they took over the management and affairs a Band in free fall
    • Daisy has been on the Solo Euphonium Chair since 2013l
    • Daisy and Matt were both elected as local councillors in2012
    • Daisy and Matt effectively saved Besses from Disbanding in 2009 and are true heroes in the 200 year history of this World Famous Band
    • Daisy is a great player and a fantastic Bandsman and has a great whisky hip flask that is brought out and shared around after the 6th or 7th march on Whit Friday

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