Aston, Dave

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Additional Info

  • First Name: Dave
  • Last Name: Aston
  • First Year at Besses: 1990
  • Instrument/Position: Tenor Horn / Band Chairman
  • Notes and Research: * 1990 – 2005

    * Besses say goodbye to the Astons


    Besses o’ th’ Barn have said goodbye to two stalwarts of their band, the Astons, Dave & Jannine.

    Sunday 18th December marked a sad occasion for Besses o’ th’ Barn when Dave and Jannine Aston played their last concert with the band at Preston Guild Hall because they are moving to Reading.

    The band presented them with a clock to mark their long and illustrious careers at Besses and would like to wish both of them all the best for the future.

    'Between them Dave and Jannine have clocked up 30 years with Besses and, during that period, they have been stalwarts of the band'

    ~ Besses o’ th’ Barn

    Their 63 mile round trip from Preston to the Bandroom in Whitefield means that they have clocked up over 105,000 unpaid miles just to attend rehearsals!

    Both Dave and Jannine are exceptionally good players and true brass banders so the band are really going to miss them. Dave leaves us with a Solo Tenor Horn vacancy and Jannine leaves us with a gaping hole on the front row cornet bench.

    The band will also miss their dedication and devotion to the band which was second to none. Dave was the band Chairman for 5 years and, more recently, was the band sergeant while Jannine was the perfect contest secretary for 10 years. They have both served on the committee and Dave has catalogued the vast archives of Besses which, of course, spans 187 years going back to 1818!

    “Inspector Dave” has recently retired from Lancashire Constabulary and Jannine has been appointed “Data Protection Officer” for a large company in Reading. She is obviously going to be very busy with her new job and Dave will be looking after their two little girls, Dannielle who is 4 and Niamh who is only 15 months old.

    The Astons (as they like to be called) gave 100% commitment to Besses o’ th’ Barn and were role models for many of the players so their departure to Reading will be a great loss to the Band. Besses would like to wish them well in their new surroundings and hope they will make many guest appearances in the future whenever they visit the area.

    with thanks to Chris Harrison (Besses Publicity Manager)

    1997 video posted by Neil Samuel

    It was me that posted this. I think it was Dec 1997 at the Aston Hall in Wrexham.

    MD was Steve Beardsmore. Troms were Paul Coupe, myself and Paul Warder. Euph's and baris Andrew Keegan, Keith Johnson, Tony Daniels and Gary Woodward. Horns, Janet Lewis (flug), Dave Aston, Ian Howarth, Tony Condron. Basses Ben Ellin, John Hardman, Alan? and Richard Cookson. Cornets included Jannine Aston, Sue MacDonald, Mike Stott, Andrew MacDonald, Andrew Jones, Stephen McGowan.

    * Via Sue Harrison

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