Aston, Janine

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Additional Info

  • First Name: Janine
  • Last Name: Aston
  • First Year at Besses: 1989
  • Instrument/Position: Cornet
  • Notes and Research: * 1989 – 2005

    * Via Sue Harrison (1990 – 2008)

    * 1997 video posted by Neil Samuel

    12:53am Nov 16

    It was me that posted this. I think it was Dec 1997 at the Aston Hall in Wrexham.

    MD was Steve Beardsmore. Troms were Paul Coupe, myself and Paul Warder. Euph's and baris Andrew Keegan, Keith Johnson, Tony Daniels and Gary Woodward. Horns, Janet Lewis (flug), Dave Aston, Ian Howarth, Tony Condron. Basses Ben Ellin, John Hardman, Alan? and Richard Cookson. Cornets included Jannine Aston, Sue MacDonald, Mike Stott, Andrew MacDonald, Andrew Jones, Stephen McGowan.

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