Besses o' th' Barn Band needs to thanks lots of people for their continuing support and help they have offered over the years.


So, big thanks to:

  • Our Friends of Besses supporters club - you make a vital contribution to this band's continued success.
  • The families of our players - without you, most of our players probably couldn't be with us (due to needing a lift, child care, etc.) so you play a key role.
  • Our audiences who keep on supporting us wherever we go. Truly, without our audiences, there is little point us doing what we do - so thank you!

If we've forgotten anyone - please accept our apologies and rest assured, your help and support is valued.

Easy Fundraising

Help us raise funds for the renovation of the band room through Easy Fundraising.

Besses and You

Want to see Besses peform? Check out our Live page.

Would you like Besses to perform at your venue or event? Contact us to get the ball rolling.

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