Besses o' th' Barn' is one of the oldest and most famous brass bands in the world. Perhaps you have a venue you think that would really suit a top class brass concert?


  • Themed concerts
  • Small ensembles (for weddings, parties, functions, celebrations etc.)
  • Work with youth/community ensembles

Besses is keen to foster relationships with new venues in our local community, first and foremost, but also in broader area. If you would like to talk to us about engaging us to do a concert or providing a venue for us to promote our own concert, please use the links on the left to contact us.

We are also keen to continue to work with our current partners and venues to carry on providing the high quality levels of music and entertainment Besses has been proud to associate with for years.

Perhaps you saw Besses years ago at a particular venue and are now thinking "wouldn't it be nice to have Besses back?". Or maybe a new venue has cropped up in your area? Drop us a line to tell us - maybe Besses can be performing there, providing you and your community with top class musical entertainment.

However you think Besses can be involved in your community or your area, get in touch with us.

Easy Fundraising

Help us raise funds for the renovation of the band room through Easy Fundraising.

Besses and You

Want to see Besses peform? Check out our Live page.

Would you like Besses to perform at your venue or event? Contact us to get the ball rolling.

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