This photograph was taken for the 175th anniversary of the band (in 1993). Do you recognise anybody in the band?



Back left: Kevin Donaldson, Janet McMylor, Mike Stott, Mark Jones, Jannine Heyes, James Murray, Mike Foey, Syd Wood, Aidan Howgate
Back right: Richard Cookson, Andrew Wyatt, Julian Berry, Sarah Henderson, Paul Cooper, Paul Warder, Philip Bailey, Paul Coupe
Front row: Dean Wright, Duncan Byers, Michael Wildgust, Hather Stirk, Martin Coles, David Aston, Jane Rigg, Nick Sanders, Nigel Brown, Ian ates, Ian Peters
Front/inset: Paul Hindmarsh (Musical Director); Trevor Halliwell (resident Conductor)

Here's a picture of the band at the Albert Hall in London in 2002 when Lynda Nicholson was the Musical Director.


Back left: Natsumi Inaba, Tony O'Mara, James Simpson, Alex Thomas, Helen Geoghegan, Merete Vollan, Gary Woodward, Paul Coupe, Mark Ayres
Back right: Kevin Wilson, Dave Aston, Tariq Ahmed, Jannine Aston, Aiden Smith, Julie Gemmell, Sian Carradus, Sarah Findlay, Will Martin, Liz Haygarth, Jean Heyes
Front: Erik Drevsuoemoen, Chris Barnes, Peter Wright, Neil Richardson, Lynda Nicholson, Elaine Ledgard, Ian Hawarth, Richard Cookson, Emma Davies, Sarah Stowe

Here is a recent formal picture of the band. It was taken on 12th June 2005 at Radcliffe Civic Hall just before the band performed a joint concert with the Affetside Choir. The Musical Director is Jim Cant.


Back left: Julia Ginniff, Dave Aston, Jannine Aston, Elaine Skupham, Holly Golman, Simon Gray, Phil McAwley, Tim Hynd
Back right: Chris Harrison, Andrew Donaldson, Simon Minshall, Mark Harrison, Lizie Sawyer, Donna Smith, Jim Murray, Aidie
Front left: Bass, Bass, Dan Hunt, James Holt, Chris Sleigh, Jim Cant Front right: Richard Rock, Marrianne Cliff, Lizzie Stalybrass, Richard Cookson, Kieran Higham

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